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Intelligenic Health Scientific, patient and commercial engagement

Innovating in digital engagement

Generating powerful engagement data

Illuminating HCP and patient journey

Intelligenic Health delivering engagement insight across the engagement spectrum – Scientific, Patient and Commercial

Our Mission

Intelligenic is innovating in authentic digital engagement for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Digital content is increasingly the critical interface with selected audiences – Intelligenic delivers extensive and valuable engagement capabilities.

Rich engagement

Provides a rich engagement environment for healthcare professionals and powers our customers’ understanding of the interaction with their scientific and commercial digital content.

Used for copyright and proprietary material, pre licence, post licence, by field teams and office-based medical and marketing functions.
Supports all engagement interfaces, e-mail, one to one interactions, conferences, symposia, KTL engagement and websites.

Intelli is proven and compliant

Intelli, the engagement technology from Intelligenic, is a simple addition to your existing digital infrastructure. Projects can be up and running within a few days and can range from supporting a single product, franchise, or whole portfolio.

Whether the content is third-party copyright published material, such as clinical papers, or proprietary documents and video, Intelli can help transform your digital engagement strategy.

To discuss how Intelligenic can provide real-time engagement data and insight for your products, please contact Intelligenic.

Intelli News

See what’s happening at Intelligenic:

How engaging is your digital scientific content?

Intelligenic Health is delighted to announce that Matthew Durham has joined the rapidly growing Intelligenic team as Client Services Manager

Matt will lead on the operational delivery of programmes using Intelligenic's digital engagement tool, Intelli, as well as being responsible for building the Client Services team in the UK and Europe.

Intelligenic Health Launches Innovative Digital Engagement Tool – Intelli

Exciting times at Intelligenic Health! We are delighted to announce the UK and European launch of our digital engagement technology, Intelli.