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Audience Engagement

Alongside external target audiences, engagement with, and understanding of scientific content and processes by internal business stakeholders is important for effective communication, adherence, and product success. Intelli enables you to provide a rich knowledge transfer and engagement environment to all internal stakeholder audiences.

As well as providing deep insight into engagement with your content, Intelli can provide significant additional functionality including e-learning modules, virtual meetings, compliance updates and completion tracking. Intelli is incredibly flexible and delivers incremental value from the number of uses it supports. A cost-effective, standalone platform that enables multiple medical, sales and marketing capabilities.

Intelli - Audience Engagement Primary Uses

Brand communication programmes. 

Salesforce dissemination of copyright scientific and propriety content.

Insight analytics, vital at launch, entering a new therapy area or further indication.

Virtual engagement meetings and engagement analytics. 

Market Access content dissemination and insight analytics.

Customer training, eg. Medical Device.

Total commercial content hosting and insight analytics. 

Salesforce training and compliance material hosting and completion tracking.

To find out how Intelli can support your audience engagement capabilities, please contact Intelligenic.