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Commercial Engagement

Whatever the material provided, understanding whether the content has landed and generated engagement with target audiences helps you to direct the conversation, optimise brand messages and react to engaging hot topics or blind spots.

Intelli empowers engagement with your content and surfaces genuine engagement insights. The vast majority of speciality physicians say they value peer-reviewed scientific content. Increasingly, provided to them digitally, for consumption anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Intelli catalyses digital engagement, generates data that enables marketing and sales teams to understand, direct and measure engagement with all types of digital content.

Intelli - Commercial Engagement Primary Uses

Brand communication programmes. (e.g. websites, supporting media advertising campaigns)

Disease awareness programmes (e.g. disease websites)

Salesforce dissemination of copyright scientific and propriety content

Insight analytics; vital at launch, when entering a new therapy area or for further indications

Virtual engagement meetings and engagement analytics

Webinar/podcast hosting and engagement analytics

Market Access content dissemination and insight analytics

Customer training, e.g. Medical Device

Total commercial content hosting and insight analytics

Salesforce training and compliance material hosting and completion tracking

Intelli Engagement

Intelli is incredibly flexible. On the one hand, a quick and simple addition to existing digital infrastructure. On the other, a cost-effective stand-alone platform that enables multiple sales and marketing capabilities. To find out how Intelli can support your marketing and sales function, and drive its engagement strategy, please contact Intelligenic.