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Patient Engagement

Engaging with patients across the product life cycle is now a critical part of ensuring that products deliver the best outcomes possible. Digital content sits at the heart of understanding patients’ needs and providing them with education, guidance and support to manage their condition. 

Intelligenic technology Intelli, is simple to deploy, compliant and secure. Standalone, or easily added to existing patient programmes.  At its most superficial level, Intelli enables immediate understanding of what patient content is most valuable to patients and provides you with precise data on your content’s relevance and performance.

Intelli is much more than just engagement through content.  Intelli patient engagement allows proactive interaction with patients or groups of patients, personalisation of content and virtual video meetings to educate, inform and train patients and carers.  All at a fraction of the cost of those capabilities in Patient CRMs or Apps.

Intelli - Patient Engagement Primary Uses

Patient content dissemination data and insight

Patient input – RWE, Patient Satisfaction 

Patient virtual training/education 

Patient discussion groups 

Expert Engagement

Intelligenic’s Adviser on Patient Engagement is Nagore Fernandez. Nagore, a Clinical Pharmacist, holds a Masters degree in Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy and Clinical Research. Passionate about Patient Engagement, Nagore has extensive experience in patient services and clinical operations in the majority of European markets. To find out how Intelli can support patient engagement activities, please contact Intelligenic.