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Scientific Engagement

Scientific engagement is the bedrock of informing, educating and creating a scientific dialogue around complex pharmaceutical and medical products. Research shows that physicians increasingly require digital content, on any device, at a time convenient to them. Intelligenic can support the dissemination and interaction with digital scientific content, whilst providing insight into how the audience is utilising scientific content. The Intelligenic technology, Intelli, is simple to deploy, compliant, secure and provides healthcare professionals with an environment containing multiple engagement tools to facilitate their interaction with the content.

Intelli - Scientific Engagement Primary Uses

New therapy area

Pivotal study or key data communication 

New indications 

MSL – Therapy Leader interaction 

Medical Congress / Symposia 

Scientific publication

Intelli Engagement

Intelli is incredibly flexible. On the one hand, a quick and simple addition to existing digital infrastructure. On the other, a cost-effective stand-alone platform that enables multiple medical affairs functions. To find out how Intelli can support your scientific engagement activities, please contact Intelligenic.